RoDon's LED Periphery Stop Sign

  • Solar powered Periphery LED Cross Buck Sign manufactured with .080 Highway Grade aluminum, 2 pc. construction, 9" X 48", conforms to railroad signage specifications
  • Solar powered Periphery LED Railroad Advance Warning Sign is 1 pc. construction, 30" dia., aluminum sheet metal stamping (.080 thickness), conformas to DOT traffic control signage specifications
  • Reflective sheeting is 3M™ DG3™ w/anti-graffiti overlay
  • Solar panel with Day-Vix™ management system utilizes a nickel metal hydride (NiHM) battery with a 5+ yrs. lifespan
  • Autonomous operation, programmable for 2 modes: Continuous or Dusk-to-Dawn
  • 60 flashes/min (1 per sec.) frequency of illumination is MUTCD compliant
  • LEDs are high intensity 1-watt Luxeons ED life expectancy is over 100,000 hrs.
  • Full year warranty
Used in conjunction with the LED Periphery Crossbuck Sign, the LED Periphery Stop Sign incorporates the most advanced solar powered electronic circuitry and requires only one solar panel to operate both signs. Specifically, the SPLED Crossbuck Sign will be positioned at the top of the existing and/or available stanchion, with the LED Periphery Stop Sign located within 12" below the Crossbuck.

The flashing Solar Powered LED Stop Sign provides maximum visibility via high intensity LEDs and 3M™ Diamond Grade retro-reflective material. This stop sign conforms to DOT traffic control signage.

In order to increase driver awareness to the exact location of these signs, and specifically, the railroad crossing itself, both signs have been programmed to alternate in a flashing pattern of 60X per minute.

Based upon existing research studies relating to similar solar powered LED equipped municipality traffic control devices, the alternating sequence will provide the absolute optimum in driver visibility awareness.

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