ToughLite 2000

Toughlite 2000

Revolutionary ToughLite 2000 warning light combines D-cell batteries and L.E.D. technology

Using a power-conserving circuit, the ToughLite 2000 is the first warning light to take the efficiency of L.E.D. (light emitting diode) technology and pair it with D-cell batteries. The result is higher maintained brightness, longer battery life, and lower servicing costs. Compare the ToughLite 2000 to your existing warning lights:
L.E.D. Barricade Light
Features Benefits
3-volt system uses two or four D-cell batteries (standard or alkaline). Best performance with four alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are more stable in cold weather, for longer performance in cold temperatures. Smaller batteries allow for a smaller, lighter housing.
Failure-resistant L.E.D. light source. No bulbs or filaments to replace.
Unique circuit regulates current draw from the batteries, so power output to the L.E.D. is constant over the life of the batteries. Maximum battery life with more constant L.E.D. brighness levels. With four alkaline batteries, batteries last up to 3000 hours in steady burn mode.
Internal magnetic reed switch changes light from flasher to steady burn. Can also be used as an on/off switch. No more duplicate inventories. Completely encased in plastic, switch eliminates mechanical failure due to rust, dirt, or corrosion.
Swivel stop keeps lens from rotating past 360뮠 Circuit wires cannot twist or break.
Mounts with standard anti-theft hardware. Deters theft and vandalism. Entrie unit can be removed.