L.E.D. technology is also available on our hand held stop signs and hand held slow signs. You can make your work zones and school zones safer by illuminating your workers and crossing guards with these high-tech attention-getters. The toggle switch allows for off, single flash or triple flash per second modes. The internal gravity switch automatically deactivates the unit when it is positioned horizontally or upside down. Thus, it will flash only when held upright. This feature eliminates the need to switch off and on repeatedly, especially convenient for crossing guards. The unit is lightweight, weighing less than two pounds, keeping arm fatigue at a minimum. Patent Pending.

NHTSA reported that in the year 2000, 5,307 pedestrians were killed and another 78,000 were injured in traffic crashes in the U.S. On average, traffic crashes kill a pedestrian every 111 minutes and injure a pedestrian every 7 minutes. Additionally, four people are killed each day in road construction work zones. We owe it to ourselves to protect workers and pedestrians!

Quality Features
  • Light weight - Less than 3 pounds.
  • Switch between off, single flash and triple flash modes.
  • Gravity switch automatically deactivates unit when it is positioned horizontally or upside down.
  • Five-foot support staffs are available.
  • Easy to recharge - 110V charger included. Plug in to wall, unit recharges overnight.
  • 12-24 hour continuous use between charges.
  • Optional nylon carrying case holds 2 paddles and all accessories.
Models Available:
  • Stop/Stop
  • Stop/Slow
hand held stop sign

hand held slow sign

This compact light weight (less than 3lbs) hand-held high visibility stop sign provides 12" of surface area, both sides, with a red background of 3M™ Diamond Grade ultra retro-reflective material. Center area has a pronounced "Stop" in white which is implanted with high intensity LED lights for extended visibility of over one mile in low light and no light situations. In addition, both sides include a total of 4 alternating flashing red LED strobes for increased on coming driver awareness.

Battery charger provides over 3 hours of constant run time with battery life (Lithium-ion battery) of over 500 charge cycles. Unit will operate in flashing mode when placed in upright position and, equipped with its unique gravity switch, will cease operation in the down position thereby placing the battery in the energy conserving mode.

The SAFETY - BRIGHT hand held LED "Stop" sign is constructed of weather resistant materials and is designed and engineered to withstand severe environmental conditions.

The SAFETY - BRIGHT "Stop" sign comes equipped with Lithium-ion battery and battery charger. Note: Battery replacement requires Lithium-ion battery only.

MARKETPLACE APPLICATIONS providing for increased driver awareness to potential safety and/or hazardous conditions

  • Crossing guard awareness programs
  • Police Traffic and accident control operations
  • Road/Toll way construction situations
  • Utility Company service repair operations
  • Commercial Roadway Tree trimming operations
  • Fire Department and emergency vehicle first responders

hand held slow sign

hand held slow sign