American Patriot Hydra-Finder™ Fire Hydrant Marker

RODON CORPORATION is pleased to announce the introduction of our new "AMERICAN PATRIOT" HYDRAFINDER™ Fire Hydrant Marker fire hydrant locator series. This new version of the traditional RODON HYDRAFINDER™ Fire Hydrant Marker features red, white, and blue reflective striping and comes assembled with our standard 5"x4" vinyl mini-flag that has an American flag depicted on one side with red, white, and blue striping on the opposite side.

RODON CORP. originally designed and developed this unit to be marketed to U.S. military base installations. Success in that specific marketplace, however, proceeded to generate interest from surrounding communities and we received enough requests for the "patriotic" unit that it was decided to make it available to our distributors nationwide.

In addition to the "AMERICAN PATRIOT" series, we are also currently in the process of developing another similar version called the "AMERICAN CITY PRIDE" fire hydrant locator that will feature respective city and state names on one side of the mini flag with corresponding city color striping on the other side. Reflective shaft striping will match the mini flag. OPTIONAL "city slogans" on the mini flag will also be available.

NOTE: Both the "AMERICAN PATRIOT" series and the "AMERICAN CITY PRIDE" HYDRAFINDER™ Fire Hydrant Marker Series are/will be available in our standard version with a flat bracket for the fire hydrant flange 5/8" hole opening and the optional "port" mount version.

Please contact RODON CORPORATION for further information on the "AMERICAN PATRIOT" HYDRAFINDER™ Fire Hydrant Marker regarding pricing and availability.